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We can recover data from a range of mobile phones including Apple iPhone and Android. 


 Common Problems:

Phone wont power up

Deleted pictures or messages

iPhone Water Liquid Damage Data Recovery

Physically damaged

Requests to be connected to iTunes

Power surge

Password locked

Fire, flood or physical damage


 Common Models:

Apple iPhone

Samsung Galaxy





 Evaluation: Please visit to arrange a quote and leave your phone turned off


Level 1: $150. No data no fee

Logical failure, deleted data. Usual turnaround within 24 hours.

Level 2: $75 Attempt fee + $150 Recovery fee

Logical failure, deleted data. Usual turnaround within 24 hours.

Level 3: $350. No data no fee

Hardware failure. Usual turnaround within 48 hours.

Level 4: $249 Attempt fee + $249 Recovery fee

Complex failure. Usual turnaround within 15 days.


 Phone data recovery overview:

Data recovery from phones can be simple to complex. That's why we do a same day free evaluation and quote from our flat rates. Statistically speaking the odds for success are in your favor. Approximately 90% of all failures can be recovered. This is an industry standard. So don't panic we understand that experiencing sudden data loss can cause distress. We will conduct an honest evaluation and give you the opportunity to inspect the results before you pay. All our work is conducted with the strictest confidentiality and security.

If your data is important we strongly advise against giving your device to someone who will experiment for solutions as this can cause data loss or require additional service and cost. Never dispose of any components as they may be necessary for data recovery. For time sensitive cases please advise us so we can meet additional service requirements.

If this doesn't answer all your questions give us a call, we are passionate about data recovery and are here to help! Your next step is to get your device to us for the free evaluation. If you already have a spare drive it may be more convenient to bring it with you. We also keep a range of high quality drives available for purchase.


 File types:

We can recover pictures, videos, call logs, contacts and messages.


Data Recovery Process

STOP. Leave it off

FREE evaluation & quote

ACCEPT our flat rate quote

RETURN recovered data

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